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Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   17-12-01 08:56

Anyone want to buy a T-Shirt? I think they'll look like this: The Diary or FreshPorts logo on the back, more or less shoulder to shoulder. On the front, over the left side, a smaller version of what you see on the back. Any colour you want, so long as it's white. The URL of the website would be on front and back.

Also to consider: some sort of recogition that the wearer is a supporter of the website in question. How best to word that?

I've found a website which does such things. They handle the order, the shipping, the printing. I get a cut out of the selling price. I don't want to spend my time sending out parcels (*grin*).

$Price? Only US$19.95

Yes, that's more than most t-shirts. But this, this is more than most websites. ;)

Also included at that price is a website membership. Members don't see ads on the website.

This is all just in the planning stages. Yes, I got the idea from Yes, you'll still be able to read the articles for free if you don't buy a t-shirt. But those of you who do become members will be directly helping the website. Not to mention you'll get the one kick-ass t-shirt!

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