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 RE: FreshPorts goes offline (
Author: David Dagon 
Date:   09-07-00 01:34

> How can as a reader of this site
> believe this is be true. Is this just away > to get money from your readers?

*Oh* *My* *God*

How right you are, Rick.

I also believe everything I read on the
internet. And I likewise expect and demand
that no web page will ever provide a
perspective on any matter. This is because,
as Rick seems to suggest (or as I seem
to imply? No matter.) there is only one
objective truth about any situation. And
any web page that does not adhere to
this principle must be running a scam
on its readership.

This much Rick has right: it's obviously
a ploy to extract more money from the
readership of this (free) page.

Each time NSI screws over a bsd page,
Dan pockets more money. Now, how this
happens is not entirely clear. Without
NSI, with the page off the internet,
and with the bsd pages (and OS) being
to imagine how the money has changed hand.
But it must happen some how. What else
can explain Dan's indignation at NSI's
handling of matters? Obviously, cold
hard cash has clouded Dan's perspective.

So, Rick has the right approach: use
libel, paranoid reasoning, and
conspiracy-theory-thinking that
would make an X-Files writer blush,
and by gosh, you'll get to the bottom
of it all.

I was particularly glad to hear about
Rick's adventures with a new OS.
(Tastefully, he omitted the name, or
details about its security. Way to go,
Rick, facts are *Dan's job*, not yours.)

I only have one question: What the hell
is this thread all about?


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