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 RE: FreshPorts goes offline (
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   08-07-00 23:14

>Ok, after what was posted here last April, and other times. How can as a reader of this site
>believe this is be true.

Because it was verified by so many people by checking with NetworkSolutions. And if you check, it's not April 1.

>Is this just away to get money from your readers?

Readers don't give me money.

>Since last April, I have stop reading this site. Just visited for the first time since May. This is site is almost like reading a ZDavis's web site.

I don't get your point.

> Because of sites like this one, what FreeBSD's users have posted on various news groups, and the FreeBSD's pushers that I have met, I have stop installing FreeBSD at my company.

That's odd. You should change OS for a good reason. Not because of what you think of other people.

>We had many file servers (Samba, and Netatalk), one Web Server, and few other servers running FreeBSD.

Good for you.

> Now I have moved them over to another OS. I was very happy with the OS.

These two statements are at odds with each other.

> But when the pushers/users/supporters of this OS act like jerks, and SS (neo-nazi) or do not care about Freedom, or how other's feelings about various subjects, that is when I stop using the product, any product.

Hmm, the not-so-veiled association of this site, and indeed FreeBSD, with those adjectives, terms, and descriptions is pretty immature. Not to mention personal and subjective. If you have a problem with what I do, by all means, talk to me about it. But attempting to label this site with the terms you have supplied is just plain silly.

Your statements are hardly a valid or sound reason for changing from one OS to another. I just hope you're in sole charge of the compnay or that your employer knows the real reasons why you changed. In either case, I wish you both luck. By the way, what company is that?

>Now that we have switch over to the other OS. I have found that it provides the same performance, with better security. So, in a way all worked out for the better.

Yes. Evidently it is better for everyone for everyone concerned. And I bid you best wishes.

note: other readers may find this of interest: I searched the mailing list and newsgroups for any evidence that the existed. I found none. Also, my checks, and checks made by other people, indicate that the domain does not exist (see

also, see the <a href="">Daily Daemon News article</a> for the ongoing saga.

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