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 RE: FreeBSD-friendly SB and NIC..
Author: Wyness Casama 
Date:   28-06-00 18:22

Well, I'm running an older SB AWE64 along-side a D-Link DFE-530TX (10/100base-t). It seems to work well for me, but it was kind of a pain to get the sound card going... Now my mission is to get my Hauppauge Tuner to werk correctly... I've folowed every instruction I could find out there RE: the tuner, but the thing just locks my box as soon as I run FXTV.

I must be missing SOMETHING.

Anyhow, to address your first question; I have read that there are people that have gotten the SB Live! to work under the FBSD platform... Have a look at the sound article on this site as it points to a few good links directly mentioning the SB Live

As for the NIC, I think that you'd do okay w/ that Intel Pro 100+ Have a look in the LINT before you sink your $ into the card as it'll mention supported chipsets and even specific NICs. I know, I know, the LINT is boring and stuff, but it can really help you out as it's documented pretty clearly.

I know this must be obvious to you, but for anyone else that doesn't already know this: DON'T COMPILE THE LINT! Not only will the compile take FOREVER, your box will go looking for every known peripheral that FreeBSD has support for! You do that and make it your kernel it'll really make your slick BSD box boot like a 386 trying to run NT4. ; )

Anyhow, I hope that helps.

Evpaty Kolovrat wrote:
Hi all
Going to buy soundcard and network card.. Will SB Live work fine under freebsd? As regards NIC, i'm thinking of intel pro 100+ or something from 3Com.. 100 Mb LAN on TP.. what will you advice me to buy?

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