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 Getting FBSD 4.0 to shut my system off with cron
Author: W. Casama 
Date:   12-06-00 22:52

Hi all,

Here's something I've been trying to figure out for a while and I think that there's something simple I'm missing. (Mind you, I'm a hardcore FBSD newbie)

I'm trying to get FBSD 4.0 to shut down and power off my computer @ a certain time with a cron job. I have tried turning on the APM in my bios then using

# halt -p now

To try to actually accomplish it from the command prompt without luck. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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 RE: Getting FBSD 4.0 to shut my system off with cr
Author: Alexander Anderson 
Date:   28-06-00 17:27

I am pretty new to FreeBSD myself, but I can give you a couple of thought since nobody else hasn't yet. First of all, you can do the whole thing with shutdown(8). Check out the man pages, it will tell you how to schedule the system shutdown. It will even allow to notify all the users; it's pretty cool. As to doing it with cron job, I think you'll have to use "shutdown now". Put this into /etc/crontab. If you need more info see cron(8), crontab(1), crontab(5). So here ya go! Good luck.

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 RE: Getting FBSD 4.0 to shut my system off with cr
Author: Wyness Casama 
Date:   28-06-00 18:13

Thanks for the pointers, I'm thinking that there's something that I haven't turned on in my kernel when I last re-compiled. I use the '-p' switch that would supposedly shut the system down then power it off, but no real luck. I guess it's time again to scour everything I've read 'cause I thought I noticed my particular porblem mentioned before. (Though, I think I rememeber that there was no answer there either. haha)

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