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 X Window Clients / Microsoft
Author: RA Cohen 
Date:   27-06-00 22:38

I would like help with running an X Window client on a Windows 98 or Windows NT machine -- anyone doing this, with what product(s), and how??

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 RE: X Window Clients / Microsoft
Author: RA Cohen 
Date:   28-06-00 20:48

Let me clarify: From a Windows machine, I want to be able to remotely access a FreeBSD box thru X-Windows so I have a nice GUI view into the FreeBSD machine...

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 RE: X Window Clients / Microsoft
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   29-06-00 09:45

someone else told me: use x-win32. it's shareware.

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 RE: X Window Clients / Microsoft
Author: Knitebane 
Date:   06-07-00 20:35

MI/X costs about $25 and is a complete X Server for the Windows desktop. I use it to connect to my headless Linux and BSD boxen and run X apps.

VNC works nicely too.

I'm not affiliated with either product, just a happy customer.


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 RE: X Window Clients / Microsoft
Author: dan 
Date:   10-07-00 02:50

vnc. Get it from

It's a virtual frame buffer. It allows you to run the X *server* and the clients on the BSD machine (Xvnc) but you can view the framebuffer on anything from PalmOS to Windows. It's slower than he usual X protocol over the network but it does have some advantages. Check it out.

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