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 Mounting a Fat32 partition on the side?
Author: Kyp 
Date:   14-06-00 10:31

Hi... I want to put up an ftp through FreeBSD (one hell of an OS), but my problem
is that I want a fairly large partition that I can share between Win98 & BSD, so I can switch 2 98, work with files that were uploaded, and switch back for ftp again. can anyone help?

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 RE: Mounting a Fat32 partition on the side?
Author: topdown 
Date:   03-07-00 03:13

This is no problem at all :o)

I did the same thing using proftpd as my ftp daemon. (

You can set it up to use your system passwd file or make your own for virtual ftp users. Just mount your FAT32 partition somewhere and set that as the root for proftpd.

Good luck!


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 well... the prob is...
Author: Kyp 
Date:   03-07-00 21:18

I tried to mount a fat32 partition and it wiped my drive. lol do you know the syntax that would allow a partition to be mounted?

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