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 Multilink PPP
Author: Graeme Tattersal 
Date:   14-06-00 01:03

Hi, I've read the files on freeBSD diary about PPP setup, and am fairly happy about using them.

What I'm looking for is a way to do Multilink PPP with two 56K modems like can be done in windows (ssh! - I didn't say that word!)

Does anyone know if this can be done. I would like to share my net connection with ipfw/natd but a single 56K just isn't enough.



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 RE: Multilink PPP
Author: Dan 
Date:   20-07-00 21:03

The following are exerpts from "man ppp"

I have this running on one of my servers, only someone else set it up for me. I'm a bit of a Newbie, but I'm learning.

It works great though !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Supports Multi-link PPP (rfc 1990) It is possible to configure ppp to
open more than one physical connection to the peer, combining the band-
width of all links for better throughput.MULTI-LINK PPP

If you wish to use more than one physical link to connect to a PPP peer,
that peer must also understand the MULTI-LINK PPP protocol.

Multi-link capabilities are enabled using the ``set mrru'' command (set
maximum reconstructed receive unit). Once multi-link is enabled, ppp
will attempt to negotiate a multi-link connection with the peer.

By default, only one `link' is available (called `deflink'). To create
more links, the ``clone'' command is used. This command will clone ex-
isting links, where all characteristics are the same except:

set mrru 1500
clone 1,2,3
link deflink remove

Note how all cloning is done at the end of the configuration. Usually,
the link will be configured first, then cloned. If you wish all links to
be up all the time, you can add the following line to the end of your

link 1,2,3 set mode ddial

If you want the links to dial on demand, this command could be used:

link * set mode auto

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