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 Re: upgrading to 4.0-STABLE
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   28-05-00 21:41

1) does mergemaster update /dev also?

I don't know.

2) when mergemaster asks (just before it finishes) if /usr/tmp should be deleted - should I respond "yes"? - what if there are still files to review by

Your choice. If you note my recommended amendment to that script, you'll see that I change "-a" to "-w 120" which will present all changes to you for semi-automated merging. If you choose -a, you'll have to do those by hand.

3) should merge master be done *before* a new kernel is built and installed (as per the handbook) or *after* (as per your script)?

Pass. Where I'm doing I've never had a problem. For a better answer, try

4) when should the "make clean" from your script be done? After all, the handbook shows "cleaning" /usr/obj before the make buildworld. I believe
there is a discussion in the handbook about keeping the object files around (it seems to recommend to do so, and to only delete them before the
"make buildworld")

Whenever you want. If you have lots of disk space, for for it. I only do it when I think of it. I used to do it after each build world, but now I want until after I have a successful build and reboot (I forgot to do the make install and had done a make clean, which meant I had to do another make world first...).

> Did you look at the handbook at all before you did your upgrade?


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