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 o.s. at risk?
Author: mr. paranoid 
Date:   13-02-00 21:53

Call me mr. paranoid. I dunno if this forum is for such topics, but i feel best to get it off my chest. Now in this Sunday's newspaper, an article talks about our friends down in Washington D.C. headed by your pal & mine - Bill Clinton - are establishing an internet nightmare - gestapo type regulations for more (if not total) control of the 'net. If this happens, we can all surrender. Suppose that a situation occurs that to get an instant leg up on anyone doing what the government deems
illegal, they can slip a type of stealth program into an o.s. (FreeBSD/Linux, etc) where anything we write for a script then sent over the net sends a 'signal' to the NSA or one of the other fed buildings. Before anyone says impossible - remember the NSA was created out of thin air - with a multi-billion dollar secret black budget for doing things none of us can ever fathom. No wonder all the nations hate our guts - who can blame them for government sticking its' nose into everything...

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 RE: o.s. at risk?
Author: Daniel Schrock 
Date:   28-05-00 14:54

I could see some sort of stealth program being inserted into Windows or Mac OS, but never into FreeBSD/Linux/etc. It really would not be possible. Too many people see/know the code. Any sort of 'stealth' script would stick out like a sore thumb.

If, for the sake of argument, the NSA did try to monitor us with their 'secret' code, I figure the estimated time of detection and removal would be around 15-20 minutes after implementation.
Someone would find it real quick, post the news to slashdot and other various sites, and their 'secret' would be out. Life would then return to normal and we could watch the NSA go down because of the repercussions.

In my opinion, as long as the various *nixes remain open source, we will never have to worry about such a hardcore governmental intrusion.

Just my opinion and nothing more.

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