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 Running FreeBSD from a "boot" floppy
Author: Daniel Bissett 
Date:   27-01-00 22:38

Hi all!

Is it possible, or even adviseable, to boot and run freebsd from a floppy when the machhine has a limited use such as a gateway, router, firewall or nat?

(P.S. -- Thanks for the Forum. I think that they are far easier than maillists, newsgroups and the like.)

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 RE: Running FreeBSD from a "boot" floppy
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   28-01-00 00:50

Have you tried picobsd?

At <a href=""></a> you'll see it says:

Small and embedded FreeBSD (PicoBSD) PicoBSD is a one floppy version of FreeBSD which in its different variations allows you to have secure dial-up access, small diskless router, or even a dial-in server. All of this on only one standard 1.44MB floppy disk. It runs on a minimum 386SX CPU with 8MB of RAM, and no hard drive is required!

The home page is <a href=""></a>

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 RE: Running FreeBSD from a &quot;boot&quot; floppy
Author: Elihu 
Date:   25-04-00 17:44

I had this same question since I have a drive that my 486 motherboard doesn't know how to boot from. The FreeBSD install works fine, but upon reboot, it can't find the drive.

Is there a way to boot from a floppy, just to get the kernel in memory, then the kernel can figure out the drive geometry and boot the rest from the disk?

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 RE: Running FreeBSD from a &quot;boot&quot; floppy
Author: Polarweasel 
Date:   29-09-00 17:37

I'm making a firewall for a friend, and she wants to set it up and forget about it -- and preferably not hear it! Thus, low power requirements are a Very Good Thing in this case. If I can get away with no HDD and no fans, I'll be happy.

Dan suggested PicoBSD, but I notice that project really doesn't have a lot of activity. Is it secure enough? Is there anything out there that's more current, and aimed straight at firewall/router duties? is a similar project in the Linux world, but I'd rather stay in the *BSD world if I can. NetBSD firewall ( is another option, but I'd love for this to be totally diskette-based, no HD required.

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