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 ipfw/natd and irc
Author: Simon 
Date:   23-05-00 03:07

I'm just starting learning Freebsd and I managed to install ipfw and natd and now i can connect to the internet with my win2k box throght my freebsd one, I can surf, icq, play unreal tournament etc.. However I still have a few problems with that setup.

IRC on my win2k box wont work because the irc servers try to connect to an identd server on my end, I think mirc(Windows irc clients) emulates that identd server and everything works when it is connected directly to my cable modem, however when I try it with my ferebsd box, it doesn't work, my guess is that my freebsd box cannot route that packet to my win2k box because it simply doesn't know who should receive it on my little internal network.

I read the ipfw and natd man pages and it didn't help me much, I also read the little article about inetd/irc on this website and it still didn't help me (Yeah I do feel stupid sometimes :) )

So basically I have 2 questions :
1) How can i make it so that all connect requests received from the internet (card ed0) are rerouted to my win2k box(
2) If it works like i think, how am i going to add irc support to all my boxes inside my lille network? (Can't rerout connect requests to all my boxes can i?)

Thank you


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