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 Dynamic Networking - DHCPd/NATd
Author: D.A. Alderud 
Date:   21-05-00 22:08

Here's the problem I'm trying to solve.

We're reciving the information we need from a DHCP server(DNS, Gateway etc), we're on a T3 connection btw. So, anyway, on this SOHO-LAN we want to use DHCP too.

Now to the questing, how do set up a FreeBSD 4.0 box to do the following:
At boot get the information from the external DHCP server, then use that
information when on boot time to configure our own DHCPd.
Second, since our server get a dynamic IP and passes out dynamic IPs, how do
I configure NATd to it's job.

So basicly, I recive our IP, IP of the DNS, etc from the external server.
Then I want to pass this on to our clients (192.168.0.X) via DHCPd, and as
you know I also need to handle this with NATd.

If everything was done staticly, no problem, easy.
However, I've been messing with this for more than a week now and I still
can't get it right.
To be honest, I couldn't even get the internal DHCPd to work with NATd. :)

And btw, the client machines are of very different kinds of hardware and
software, even Win95 boxes, and I've heard that makes great deal of trouble
with DHCPd.

Preferably this should all be handled with rc.conf(examples with natd.conf
also needed), so the guy that one day will handle this later does not need
to look all over the place for .

Hope I managed to make my self clear. :)

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