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Author: Brandon 
Date:   20-05-00 00:10

I just got a new job with an advertising firm, I will soon be the head network admin of a network of about 25 computers all running off of NT4 at the moment. I have heard quite a bit about FreeBSD and am looking into replacing some of the servers with it to reduce down time. Anyhow I am new to FreeBSD, just installed it on an old pentium 75 to learn it before we integrate it into our network, and I am looking for a good resource site for a "newbie" I guess you could say. I have the FreeBSD handbook but its not very informative on the specific subjects that I am looking for. I just need a site where I wont get flamed for asking questions. And where somebody might be willing, on occasion, to walk me through a few things. I am a very quick learner, but I learn from doing not from reading a book.

I am looking into replacing the DNS server with a FreeBSD server running Samba, replacing the Proxy and File server with FreeBSD. And soon we will be hosting websites from the office and I would like to use FreeBSD as our webserver for I have only heard good things about it. All the clients will still be running windows because it would just be too much to teach the entire office to use FreeBSD and some of their software is windows only and from what I can tell will not work with WINE. Anyhow, any help would be greatly appreciated!


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 RE: Questions....
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-05-00 04:28

Well, the handbook is the official way to do things. There are articles on this site for installing Samba and getting a name server running. And there is the mailing list.

It's much easier to help if you ask for help on specific things.

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