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 upsd + Leadman UPS
Author: paz 
Date:   19-05-00 22:47

Been trying to get upsd working on a FreeBSD 3.4 system. I loaded upsd using pkg_add, changed the permissions for the scripts so they should've run properly, but the system froze up at boot. I had to go to single user and make the scripts non-executable to get the system to boot again.

Dell P-166
Leadmon (425kVA?) UPS
DB9-DB9 cable between COM1 and UPS (no mods yet!)
System mouse is a PS/2 model plugged into the PS/2 mouse receptacle.

Thanks ---

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 RE: upsd + Leadman UPS
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-05-00 04:27

Does upsd run OK after boot up? If so, rename the script to something like Script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ are executed in alphabetical order. so do an ls -l and make sure the script appears last.

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 RE: upsd + Leadman UPS
Author: Jan Pajak 
Date:   23-05-00 12:46

Be careful you have the correct cable connecting the UPS.

If its like the APC Smart UPS's you *cannot* use a straight
through 9 pin cable. You must either buy the right cable,
or custom build one. Using the wrong cable
could lock up your system.

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 RE: upsd + Leadman UPS
Author: titus manea 
Date:   23-05-00 12:48

Maybe your ups is not compatible with upsd (look in /var/log/messages) for more info

It didnt work for my ups either (upgurads) so i had to write my own program
if you are interested mail me

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