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 Updating FreeBSDDiary's Info
Author: Christopher Forgeron 
Date:   22-04-00 03:43

I've been using this resource for a while to help get back up-to-speed with BSD after 5+ years of Windows-only work. (It's amazing how quick you can forget your Unix commands, not to mention all the changes since then).

While I find it extremely helpful, I also notice a lot of old 2.x BSD work here which is outdated or just wrong (due to changes in the 3.x tree).

Just a few messages back, a fellow was having some problems with ipf because of old instructions that didn't need to be executed.

I'm not complaining, as it's still a valuable resource, but I'd love to see an "upgrade" team going over the documents and making the appropriate changes to make old dangerous information disappear.

I guess what I'm really saying is; Is anyone doing this right now? If not, I'm up to donate some time to the task.

Anyone else? Comments?

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 RE: Updating FreeBSDDiary's Info
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   22-04-00 16:18

I'd love to have an update team as well!

If you or indeed anyone sees anything which needs updating, please let me know. And if you submit text corrections or addtions, that's a big help.

As for the ipfilter incident, I'm quite sure that the document is recorded as being out of date and refers to the current instructions. Until the person gets back to use and identifies the article in question, that's about all that can be done.

thanks for the offer.

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 RE: Updating FreeBSDDiary's Info
Author: Christopher Forgeron 
Date:   11-05-00 03:21

Okay, I will make note to update any text that I come across in my travels. I'm burried under some pretty serious overtime at the moment, but when I surface again, I'll be interested in helping out.

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