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 FreeBSD 4.0 and ZIP drives...
Author: Kent Lundstrom 
Date:   09-05-00 09:19

Uhmm... why can't I get my 259 MB LPT ZIP work under FreeBSD 4.0?
Recompiled the kernel with vp0, da and scbus.
Worked fine in 3.2 and 3.3 but not at all in 4.0.
vp0 device is found during boot but then it says sometyhing like: ' I/O error: Time ou requested ', something like that.
Anyone got any idea of what the problem may be and maybe also how to solve it?


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 RE: FreeBSD 4.0 and ZIP drives...
Author: Davide Lemma 
Date:   22-05-00 13:55

I've the same problem... until 3.4 release I was able to mount my ZIP100 within 5 minutes (just the time to recompile the kernel), but starting from 4.0 Release it was impossible...
I get the same error of you and when I try to mount my ZIP by hand kernel responds to me that "da" device is not configured.
After a lot of reads and training I've verified that scbus is not probed, so for this reason device da0s4 can not be attached.

First I've thought that was only a problem of mine, such as BIOS bug or my LPT chipset, but after read your question I relalize that is not so...

The only way by now that I know is to attend 4.1 Release and see if something changes...

Cheers Davide

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 RE: FreeBSD 4.0 and ZIP drives...
Author: Michael Carmody 
Date:   01-06-00 08:01

After reading this I'm wondering if my Avatar Shark drive (parallel port/scsi) would work under FreeBSD 3.1. I'd like to use it on my BSD partition like I use it with the Linux parport module. Does anyone have one of these working? (I know Avatar went out of business, but the drive itself is quite tidy - no power cord!)

Mike Carmody

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