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 searchable man pages
Author: elliot 
Date:   29-03-00 03:54

the man pages are searchable because they are transparently passed through your pager, defaulted to /usr/bin/more. the default .cshrc, 'setenv PAGER more' sets this. interactive commands for more are based on vi(1). for more commands [pun intended] , see the man page for more(1).
have fun.

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 RE: searchable man pages
Author: Christoph-Erdmann Pfeiler 
Date:   30-03-00 19:32

The described behaviour of man is due to the fact, that man does not have an own pager (the program to display an ASCII data stream screenpage by screenpage), instead it relies onto programs (pagers) like more, less, pg (SYSV) and so on. Typically the pager is determined by an environment variable called PAGER

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 RE: searchable man pages
Author: michael lankheim 
Date:   31-03-00 08:33

I don't know for sure, but I think
what you're seeing is the command
set native to your default pager, as
set by your PAGER environment variable.

My default is "more", so I always
expected that / would search. Don't
think I ever read it anywhere. I suppose
it just seemed natural.


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 RE: searchable man pages
Author: BaNo 
Date:   02-04-00 23:37

Blah, you didnt know that? manpages just pipe thru more.

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 RE: searchable man pages
Author: dd 
Date:   29-05-00 12:18

in slackware (and in other linux distributions afaik), manpages are printed through less by default and if you type "h" in less, you get a nice help screen which tells about that / stuff... you can even search for the next item by pressing n and search backward by pressing N ;}

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