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Author: Marc Giannoni 
Date:   20-03-00 20:27


I've setup an RFC1918 net at home and I'm using ipfw/natd because my internet connection does not use a serial port. I also prefer the 'kernel' implementation for (possibly misguided) security reasons. The release is FreeBSD-3.4.

I can't seem to get the "simple" firewall rules working correctly, and I've made some significant efforts such as modifying the "RFC1918" section to ensure that the inside interface is not blocked. "Open" rules work flawlessly (of course), but where is the security in that?? (I've read about ipfw applying rules twice to packets being forwarded - but I still can't get the rules rught....aarrrggg!)

What I am searching for are some example firewall rules for "ipfw" from people who use "ipfw". What I am NOT searching for is "try using IPFilter" from people who use "IPFilter"! Now if you happen to use "ipfw" and tell me to use "IPFilter", well.... hmmmm.... I'm not sure what I'll do then....


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