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 Gateway / Print Server
Author: Intrepid 
Date:   17-02-01 20:41

I am currently setting up a FreeBSD server that I will use as a gateway between my cable modem and my local subnet (on a hub).
The problem is that I also want to set this computer up as a print server and possibly a file server.
(I am not a FreeBSD Guru so if this is a dumb question , sorry)
Can I secure the system so that the file server and print operations are only accessible on my local network.

Any other ideas for this server would be helpful also.


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 Re: Gateway / Print Server
Author: Dorby 
Date:   17-02-01 22:03

Set up your firewall and access rules so that only clients from your local network can access the printer and NFS (if NFS is what you will be using, or SAMBA too) services. IMHO though it's better to separate the print server/file server from the firewall. I run a dedicated box just for firewall/natd, and one of the clients on the inside network serves up NFS and the printer to the other internal clients. The print/file server and all the other internal clients disallows access from the firewall/nat box (except for natd), just in case the firewall/nat gets r00ted.

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 Re: Gateway / Print Server
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   18-02-01 10:08

with your firewall rules, start by denying everything. Then permit access only from your internal LAN. This is easier if you have two NICs in the gateway. One goes to your cable modem, the other goes to your subnet.

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 Re: Gateway / Print Server
Author: elliot 
Date:   22-02-01 01:15

another way you could do it is tcpwrappers.
in /etc/hosts.allow set up samba and printer to only be accepted form your internal lan.

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