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 problems in 4.2 stable
Author: mike 
Date:   14-02-01 16:18

i cvsup my 4.2 release to 4.2 thing i notice is the launching time of netscape.b4 i upgraded to 4.2 stable, the time it takes to launch the netscape is pretty fast and i kindda like it very after i'm in stable line,it's slower to launch netscape compared to b4.other applications don't haf this prob.another thing is i can't install the packages in my 4.2 release cd thru ./sysinstall->configure->add packages to get the software for 4.2 stable?can the software for 4.2 release be used in stable lines?erm..another thing is ...i got some error in protocol during boot time.somesort like the nettalk protocol not supported.this occurs after i install the staroffice 5.1 for can i solve this?i've checked my kernel configuration again and again to make sure i didn't turn on any option regarding this thingy.plz direct me to solve this prob.thanks in advance.

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 Re: problems in 4.2 stable
Author: Daniel Schrock 
Date:   14-02-01 17:01

it sounds like you also need to cvsup the ports tree. it does not do it by default.
my normal routine is to cvsup the ports while the system is building world, though you can cvsup everything at once.
take a look at /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile

if you want to consolidate the cvsups, just add the pertinent ports info the the stable-supfile.

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 Re: problems in 4.2 stable
Author: mike 
Date:   15-02-01 15:32

oh okok..i'll try that

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