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 Can't boot past loader!! help!
Author: Daniel 
Date:   20-03-00 06:48

This evening, I tried using the update function of the /stand/sysinstall to upgrade from 3.3-Release to 3.4-Release. Everything seemed to going smoothly, all my settings were supposedly recaptured, and I was having a great day.
Upon reboot, everything went bad.

The kernel could not be found and I was presented with an extremely disabled prompt. At first I thought it was just single-user mode, but it was even more disabled.

Typing ? to list commands, I found show, ran it, and it listed my hd as disk1s1a instead of wd0s1a (the prompt also said disk1s1a>) I tried set rootdev=wd0s1a but to no avail.

Fortunately, boot kernel.prev booted me to my old kernel and I am able to run (otherwise, my entire home network would be down).

Did I just hose my / and /usr slices? My root slice is kept at minimum and is now almost to capacity so i'm afraid if I try again, it will fail due to lack of size.

Does anyone know how i can fix this? /boot/defaults/loader.conf says not to edit it, but I can't seem to find another way.


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 RE: Can't boot past loader!! help!
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-03-00 11:13

First step: backup /kernel.prev and keep it safe.

Make sure your kernel sources are up to date. You can do this via /stand/sysinstall or cvsup.

Then try building a new kernel and boot with that.

Read the errata on 3.4 in case there is something in there. I'm sure you / and /usr are fine. Otherwise you would not have been able to boot with the old kernel. If this fails, try undernet's #freebsd channel on irc.

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 RE: Can't boot past loader!! help!
Author: Daniel 
Date:   20-03-00 20:56

Well, I rebuilt my kernel but it is still running as 3.3-Release instead of 3.4-Release.

I checked /etc/upgrade and it did not have a new kernel config folder and
/usr/src/sys/i386/conf/ only contains my old info. I'm completely baffled.

A side note to this, do you how I could search my system by date? I'm thinking if I could find every file dated 03-19-2000, it could make the upgrade easier as I would know which is the newer file.

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 RE: Can't boot past loader!! help!
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   20-03-00 21:35

If it's running 3.3 instead of 3.4, then you haven't upgraded your kernel source.
The contents of /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/ does not change when you do this.

Did you use /stand/sysinstall to upgrade your *kernel* source? It sounds like you didn't. Read to see how to do that.

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