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 Linux 2.2 vs. 2.4 - not that big a difference
Author: drakma 
Date:   24-01-01 16:39

The performance advantage of 2.4 over 2.2 is quite underwhelming. A 1 year delay just for this.

FreeBSD all the way.

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 Re: Linux 2.2 vs. 2.4 - not that big a difference
Author: g2k 
Date:   24-01-01 20:23

not much difference for the normal user actually. but there are quite a few features that are interesting for servers and clusters, speaking of overall performance and better memory management and stuff like this.
i think.

bah to hell with linux.

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 Re: Linux 2.2 vs. 2.4 - not that big a difference
Author: Rick D. James 
Date:   25-01-01 01:51

I feel the same way about FreeBSD. I am one of the many users that have stopped using FreeBSD. Some of the reasons are as follows: Since 3.5/4.x FreeBSD has gone down in speed, stabiabity, lack of hardware support for Token Ring/xDSL/others. 4.2 was a big impovement. Also comments from the end users/supporters of FreeBSD. The comments that have been made (towards new users, towards other products, towards non-english speaking users) have been very insulting. I never wanted an OS to disapeer more then FreeBSD.

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 ignore the trolls
Author: JM 
Date:   25-01-01 04:19

Folks, let's ignore the trolls. Let them live on SlashDot. Not here.

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 Re: Linux 2.2 vs. 2.4 - not that big a difference
Author: herny 
Date:   25-01-01 04:38

I sense some hostility here. Would you like to see a psychiatrist?

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 Re: Linux 2.2 vs. 2.4 - not that big a difference
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   25-01-01 17:43

Apparently the so called "troll" has not been around on this forum long at all. Of all the posts I have made to this forum, I have tried to be courteous and concise. I am a firm believer in "open source" and with that comes open knowledge. I might not always have all the usually nobody does, but the answers I do have are from experience, of which I am more than happy to share. I am no expert...and there are many more folks out there that have more expertise in FreeBSD than I do, but that has never stopped me from asking questions (even dumb ones) There are no stupid questions....only stupid answers.

As an overall aspect of this forum, there are very few "rude" answers that I have seen. I have never been made to feel stupid by anyone but myself.. and the only time these forums seem to get in a tizzy is when a Linux user tries to flex against the BSD users. "Can't we all just get along??"

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