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 FreeBSD on Compaq Proliant 800 Anyone?
Author: Peter Norman 
Date:   24-01-01 05:08

Has anyone installed FreeBSD successfully on a Compaq Proliant 800 Server? Or does anyone see any difficulty in doing so?

Its got a PII/350, 128MB Ram, an UltraWideSCSI Controller (incl two 9.1 GB UltraSCSI and one 18.1 GB UltraSCSI Drives), Tanberg Tape BackUP, and SmartUPS.

It currently runs WinNT 4 and Exchange Server 5.5. I would DEARLY love to format it and install FreeBSD, WebEvent 3.4, MySQL, Samba, NetaTALK, etc.

I'm just wondering if the proprietary Compaq hardware will be an issue.

Any info either way would be greatly appreciated.


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 Re: FreeBSD on Compaq Proliant 800 Anyone?
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   24-01-01 15:46

As far as my experience goes, there hasn't been a system one that I haven't managed to install FreeBSD on. (And that includes Dell's, Compaq's and generic homebuilds) You can "genericize" hardware related issues in the set up (some foreign card can use the same setup as a 3com..etc). (Though I'd recommend you install it on a non-used Compaq desktop first just in case.)

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 Re: FreeBSD on Compaq Proliant 800 Anyone?
Author: Daniel Schrock 
Date:   25-01-01 15:15

You should be good. If I remember correctly, compaq is now offering FreeBSD preinstalled.
The only problem i've ever had, other than stupid mistakes, was installing 4.0 -Release on Dell PowerEdge2400. It had a PercII raid controller that would lock up and refuse I/O half way through install. I had to use a snapshot of 4.1-Release to get it installed.

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 Re: FreeBSD on Compaq Proliant 800 Anyone?
Author: Peter Norman 
Date:   02-02-01 05:16

Thanks for the information guys! Its as good as DONE!!!!!!


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