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 FreeBSD 4.2 & X 4.0.2
Author: Matthew Turany 
Date:   22-01-01 23:34


Anyone out there try to upgrade their X Windows to the latest (4.0.2) ?

I'm recycling my older components into what I hope will be (one day) a proper development workstation / server. Problem is I've got a Creative Labs PCI 16Mb Vodoo Banshee Video card. After three fustrating days I've realised this isn't supported in X 3.3.6 so I decided to upgrade to 4.0.2.

Well wouldn't you know it the port is broken (it appears that the patches are stuffed) and it keeps failing. There is a note in GNATS but it has to do with applying another patch via diff and that's beyond my skill level right now. Sooo, I hurried over to and downloaded their binaries for FreeBSD-4.x. (approx 35Mb)

Installs okay, a few errors during the linking process and X is up and running, problem is I can't change any of my resolutions from 800x600 and 8bpp depth. Looks pretty crappy actually but hey it works. Tried to change the XF86Config file and then it complains about "no mode for 1024x760" etc. Can't change from the 8bpp mode by using the old "startx -- -bpp 16" line.

Funny thing is I can get X working under RedHat 7.0 (X = 3.3.6) or Mandrake 7.2 (X = 4.0.1) no sweat and I can change the resolution on the fly using their 'desktop tools'.

I don't want Linux (no offense intended here you 'tux-phites' out there)......!!!
Luv FreeBSD but gotta hand it to Linux in this area for X configuration.

Looks like it's another scrub and try again, this time I'm going to try and do it without installing 3.3.6 first and see how we go, good thing it's a long weekend coming up. Unless someone out there know a better way?

Alternatively, anyone know a good quality inexpensive video card that works with X and is still easily available?

PS: watch out for the KDE 2.1 "Power Port" in ports, unless you have all of the CD's your in for about 50 Mb of download and it took 9.5 hours to compile on a Celeron 466 with 64Mb or RAM. Looks great though..... ;-)

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