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Author: David DeTinne 
Date:   22-01-01 06:16

I have attempted to compile KDE-beta and kde-CVS on my FreeBSD box for
three days with no success. Does anyone know of any recent documentation on the building of KDE on a freebsd platform?

Don't get me wrong the ports are great, but there are times that a port doesn't cut it. KDE is a perfect example of this, the 2.1.1 beta looks a lot nicer with the anti aliasing font support. Besides I like having all of my KDE specific libs, headers, etc. in a central location. I have looked at and attempted every possible combination of options listed in the ports Makefile for kde2, the ./configure --help,
using all of the compiler options before ./config, but with no luck. The same CVS tree compiles just fine on the same machine using Mandrake linux. But I want FreeBSD as my desktop.

If anyone out there has been able to build KDE-Current or the KDE-2.1beta1, I am asking if you could email me as attachments your config.status files so I can see what I am doing wrong. Or point me in the right direction to a BSD specific docs on the kde build process.

Thank You,
David DeTinne alias BSD Novice

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 Re: KDE Vs. BSD
Author: Chocolat 
Date:   22-01-01 08:42 Debian GNU Linux, there is an entity known as apt (Advanced Package Tool) that allows one to very easily install packages via 'apt-get install <package name>'. The good thing is it works everytime. The bad thing is I cannot say the same about this so-called "ports" collection. I believe that is why I use Linux...why Linux is 100x more popular than this FreeBSD crap....why FreeBSD will spend the rest of its lifetime catching up with Linux.....why no major commercial internet sites use FreeBSD preferring instead to use Linux, except of course for for god knows why.....and why you should give Linux another thought next time your so-called "port" fails to compile for you again and again.

Daemon? I believe the Penguin ate it up.

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 Re: KDE Vs. BSD
Author: David DeTinne 
Date:   22-01-01 16:01

That has to be one of the most ignorant statement I have read in a while.

I DID NOT SAY THAT THE PORTS FAIL!, they actually work really nice. And I don't have to use the ports because I could use pkg_add -f
FreeBSD/releases/etc and get all of the fresh ports for my system.
My problem is that I am trying to do something outside of the ports or package system, and I am not very good at it. Don't slam all of the efforts of the ports/packages maintainers!

Linux is more popular because any idiot like myself can get a cvs tree or the source and build the program.

As to your comments about Yahoo being the only major portal using a form of BSD, well more ignorance on your part.
My problem relates to the desktop not BSD's ability to be a server.

Why are you even here troll?
Go back to slashdot!

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 Re: KDE Vs. BSD
Author: Daniel Schrock 
Date:   23-01-01 17:34

hrmm... apt get works if you know the exact name of the package.
all you need to know is the catagory and the general name to use the ports collection. very nice if you are not sure which port you want but you know what you want it to do.

freebsd, in my experience, is more stable, runs smoother, and is easier to configure. maybe i'm biased since i learned *nix in freebsd, but i have both a linux server and a freebsd server, and the linux server has been much more problematic.

the near future plans are to move all public server functions from the linux box to a Sun Netra X1 running Solaris. the major issue is that my linux box, which is performing primary dns for a few domains, locks up at the slightest hic-up in the network.

dsl goes down, linux freaks, freebsd just chills out, waiting for it to come back up.

don't get me wrong, i like linux....just not as much as freebsd...

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 Re: KDE Vs. BSD
Author: David DeTinne 
Date:   23-01-01 20:58

Seen any FreeBSD viruses lately, No I didn't think so!

Can't say the same about linux!

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 Re: KDE Vs. BSD
Author: Daniel Schrock 
Date:   23-01-01 23:41

i'm with you david!!

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 Re: KDE Vs. BSD
Author: Brad-B 
Date:   30-01-01 23:41

I've recently moved to FreeBSD from Debian GNU/Linux.. but that's beside the point ;)

You don't really have to know the exact name of the package to apt-get it, you can do 'apt-cache search keyword' and get a list before hand, and then install that package.. you can do the same on FBSD with 'make search key=word', so the whole point is moot, I was just tossing in a tidbit ;)

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 Re: KDE Vs. BSD
Author: Spark 
Date:   31-01-01 01:45

i've recently moved to FreeBSD from Debian GNU/Linux two days ago. :)
i love debian and my isdn router runs on it, because isdn konfiguration with freebsd is quite confusing while i can set up a working ISDN connection with a debian system in about 2 minutes.
but i really like freebsd too.
i like the clean development structure and the philosophie.
and i like the ports system.
debian stable packages are mostly outdated. to get an up to date debian system, i have to update to unstable. while a binary packetsystem is really fast and easy, it's not as flexible as compiling the source, especially if i want to compile something that's not in the package database. it's really a mess to mix binary packages and self compiled packages.
i just don't like the compile problems but.. i will make a new thread for it. :)

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