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 help: x with ati rage mobility 128 (dell inspiron 5000e)
Author: parv 
Date:   18-01-01 08:42

does anybody has successfully configured (XF86Setup) and used a
X server w/ ati rage mobility card 128 15" screen on dell inspion 5000e?

on freebsd 3.4 & 3.5, so far i tried (S)VGA server and Mach64 versions 3.3.3 and 3.3.6. using any (S)VGA server, causes the error message like "can't start server"; using any Mach64 version locks up the whole system, system freed up only by the power button.

what should i choose anyway under "hsync/vsync" menu in XF86Setup?

when i left home, cvsup was still pulling/updating releng_4 sources. before i upgrade os to 4-stable, i will try w/ XF86 4.* versions. so my question is: what settings should i try? any config files?

- parv

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 Re: help: x with ati rage mobility 128 (dell inspiron 5000e)
Author: David DeTinne 
Date:   22-01-01 06:32

I can help you with this, I had the same problem when I bought my 7500.

Since this is not a specific problem with FreeBSD but with XFree86 here is a howto for XFree86 using version 3.3.6 with linux;

I ended up patching my the mach 64 code on my laptop using this patch for the mobility p ATI rage chipset

But the best method would be to replace 3.3.6 with 4.0.2. you can get the binaries at it is a snap to install.

Good Luck

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 Re: help: x with ati rage mobility 128 (dell inspiron 5000e)
Author: parv 
Date:   23-01-01 11:13

hi david,

i haven't been to the 1st url you gave; i did read information on the 2d url before reading your message. the solution requires too much work and was not "able to read" the whole thing.

in any case, last saturday/sunday, i had compiled the x 4.0.2 server from cvs sources ( it works -- in svga, 800x600, 16 bit mode -- ok, almost. and the card is detected as either "lm" or "lf" "ati rage mobility, R128".

one major problem, though, is the "white screen of death" that i get when exiting the X session or after switching 1-4 times from/to console(s). however, there were no problems when a window manager (fvwm2/vtwm) was restarted many times. so, now i have got myself a quasi working server which holds me hostage ... just for the heck of it, i will try xfree86-complied server, too...

so my question to you is: does your server really works?

minor problem being low resolution of 800x600, other major problem is the nature of lcd screens. i was frustrated when i first saw lower part of the screen faded/brighter. but i needed something mobile and desktop replacement ... tilting the screen to an obtuse angle helps a little. a graduated natural density filter or a polarizer may work... i am looking for a place to get one of these in, say, size 15"x15"

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 thanks for the 1st url (Re: help:...)
Author: parv 
Date:   23-01-01 11:34

thanks david. the document at the 1st url is really readable and work doable for some reason.

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 Re: thanks for the 1st url (Re: help:...)
Author: David DeTinne 
Date:   23-01-01 21:03

It worked great after messing with it for about a week.

Let me know how it goes?


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 everything works (Re: help:...)
Author: parv 
Date:   23-01-01 22:12

dear david, many thanks, again, for the caldera systems link above.

i tried a XF86Config file from somewhere from one of the 3 links listed at the end in that article. after replacing the xf86config generated file w/ the one downloaded, i didn't have any problems. (could it be a problem of choosing incorrect mode frequencies, clocks, and such?)

to boot, i get 1024x768 resolution instead of 800x600. the resolutions isn't what what was promised -- 1400x1050 -- but i am not complaining since...

- i can ctlr+alt+backsapce kill the server w/o problems
- exit gracefully from the window manager exit command w/o
any problems.
- pixelated/squared off/tiled font, fixed, in aterm looks better
at 1024x768 than the blurry antialiased font seen at 800x600.
on the other hand, new centu(a)?ry schoolbook looks ugly
as if not antialiased. well, can't have everything...

...haven't tried switching to/from console(s), yet. but all in all, my server, too, is really working now.

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