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 Geforce 2 MX?
Author: Groovy Daemon 
Date:   17-01-01 22:17

I just ordered some new hardware and I couldn't find if it was compatible, I ordered a Geforce 2 MX, ata/100 WD 30GB, 8x DVD, and soundblaster Live value. Could someone please tell me if it will work with freebsd, and what version of freebsd started to use ata/100? Thanks


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 Re: Geforce 2 MX?
Author: Jamie Walker 
Date:   18-01-01 02:54

Hi, a couple of comments about your hardware:

I don't have a GeForce 2 MX, my video card is a GeForce DDR, but the cards are very similar driver wise. My card worked flawlessly in FreeBSD under X 3.3.6. I didn't try it in X 4.x, but it worked fine under Linux with this version.

The SBLive! Value works fine, although under 4.1-RELEASE there's a nasty static sound during playback. Upgrading to 4.2-STABLE fixed this, I also originally fixed it by getting updates through CVS of emu10k1.c and emu10k1.h.

Can't speak for the DVD and ATA/100 though.

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 Re: Geforce 2 MX?
Author: psyrex 
Date:   19-01-01 18:11

ATA/100 was included in 4.1.1. Dig around the old mailing lists for a patch if you're using 4.1 or earlier.

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 Re: Geforce 2 MX?
Author: xayk 
Date:   23-01-01 19:29

I just installed 4.2, and it works properly with the ata100 controller built in to the a7v. In order to get my GeForce 2 MX working properly, however, I had to download XFree86 4.0.2;after the install, all is well with the world.

My sblive value, however, I've not had success with. It shows up at boot on irq 10 (properly) as 'unknown device'... so I tried to add 'device pcm' to the kernel, and the kernel screams bloody murder when it hit emu10k1.c... so needless to say, I'm still working on that...


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