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 problem with X
Author: Erin 
Date:   15-01-01 11:00

Sorry to keep bugging the forum with my questions, but now I have a problem with X (and possibly anther, more concerning problem) Whenever I start X, the screen and the mouse cursor both jumb around wildly and it will not take input from the mouse. The only thing I've been able to do so far is hit ctrl+alt+bkspc to get out. I think I may have a mouse configuration problem (I am using an MS Intellimouse Optical), but when I try to go into /stand/sysinstall to fix it, I get an error saying that the command doesn't exist. When I do an ls in the /stand directory, sysinstall is there, but it won't let me execute it (I am doing this as root, so that's not the problem) (on a side note, I finally did get 4.0 running and recognizing the ethernet card! used partition magic to reduce the Win98 partition below 8GB so that the FreeBSD partition would boot. I don't know why it started recognising my ethernet card in the new computer when it wouldn't in the old one.)

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 Re: problem with X
Author: Daniel Schrock 
Date:   15-01-01 23:47

i had a simialr problem, though not with an optical mouse. the problem turned out to be the fact that i was using the mouse in console mode and then trying to apply a second mouse protocol when X started. You have a couple options if this is the case for you. (If you move the mouse in a console, does a pointer pop up and move around?) One is to remove the console mouse driver since a mouse in console mode is fairly useless and then use a the required Intellimouse protocol for X.
Your other option is to keep the console mouse driver and change the X mouse protocol to 'auto' instead of intellimouse.

If this is the case for you, either should work. Using the 'auto' protocol is a little slower, but still works well. i guess it depends how much you have gotten used to the lightening refresh rate of the optical mouse. :-)
hope this helps.

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 Nevermind, stupid mistake
Author: Erin 
Date:   16-01-01 00:57

This is what I get for doing installs at 4 AM. I just realized that I had entered /stand/sysinstall for the mouse device instead of /dev/sysmouse. It's fixed.

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 Dumb question...
Author: Erin 
Date:   19-01-01 01:27

How do I remove the console mouse driver?

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