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 sendmail for use with pop3 mail services (eg gmx)
Author: g2k 
Date:   11-01-01 22:55

does anybody know how to set up sendmail to enable sending mail via smtp from the local machine, without disturbing the mail service (relaying==spamming==getting blocked by mail service)., you may know it, quite well known in europe, i want to be able to use fetchmail, mutt and sendmail to get, view, and send mail from my machine.

fetchmail for downloading mails from the pop3 server works, viewing it with mutt works, but sending with sendmail is complicated.
i know a bit about configuring sendmail, but how can i set ip up in a way to work like the standard email clients, like netscape messenger, kmail, eudora, outlook?

using the smtp mail server as relay doesnt work, using the DM and DS options in

so anyone an idea, or maybe a pointer to the idiots guide on this?

Andreas Ntaflos

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 Re: sendmail for use with pop3 mail services (eg gmx)
Author: k 
Date:   12-01-01 01:48

If you're using a telephone dialup with Sendmail (I'm not from
Europe so I don't know exactly what you're using) you'll need
to set your ISP's mail host as a smart relay in order to send
mail from a dialup using Mutt, Pine, etc. (As far as I know you
don't need to do that in Netscape). Do a Google search on Sendmail and smart relay and you should find some How-To's (I
think they're mostly for Linux but just use the appropriate config file for your system instead...the principle is the same). This will keep your mail from bouncing as most newer MTA's make sure your domain resolves. Make sure you have Sendmail 8.9.3 or later as it disables relaying by default and you won't have scumbag spammers abusing your system.

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 Re: sendmail for use with pop3 mail services (eg gmx)
Author: g2k 
Date:   12-01-01 18:24

i am using a cable connection to the internet, but the mail service has nothing to do with my ISP, which, i think, would solve problems like this.
it is a freemail service like hotmail, only with pop3/smtp support, ie not simply a webmail service.

silly me has no mail address at my ISP...if i had, i think it would be easy to use it as a smart relay host...but a freemail service doesnt seem to like this, as this is the way spammers do it, using remote mail servers as relays.
it makes me look like i am a spammer to the mail server, which i didn't find a way to avoid yet.

thanks for the answer anyway, i'll try a google search
Andreas Ntaflos

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