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 FreeBSD 4.1 vs MS P[r]oxy server
Author: Chris 
Date:   10-01-01 18:11


I'm stuck on a LAN with an NT phuckwit flatmate who uses MS Proxy server. I can get http and ftp trafic via Netscape by setting the proxy vars in Netscape's network configuration but I cant get any other IP trafic through it. I looked over his shoulder to get the Administrator password and later (when he was out) turned off NTLM so I could do that!

Any ideas if there is a client or at least a hack I can use to get round it as I'd really like to CVsup to 4.2 due to UK FreeBSD CD distribution sucking immensly.

If not, does anyone know any good ways of *permanently* killing an NT box while no-one is looking :) I could probably sneak a BSD box in while he's puzzling over it!!

BTW - Don't say replace the NT box with the FreeBSD one as the phone line it's plugged into isn't mine.

BTW2 - Don't say move out as I'm short of cash!!!!!

BTW3 - I've already tried bribing :(



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 Re: FreeBSD 4.1 vs MS P[r]oxy server
Author: Jordan 
Date:   19-01-01 06:55

Hmm, have you tried a 2 by 4?

seriously though, if your flatmate is a resonable human being, you should be able to explain what you need, and why you need it. If he doesnt understand that, well, I do recall something about a 2x4......

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