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 HD problem, can't read partition
Author: Fred Evans 
Date:   08-01-01 23:52

I'm using /stand/sysinstall to setup my hard drives and it says the volumes are too big. Using FreeBSD-4.1.1-RELEASE

drive 0 - 6 GB Fujitisu - 1 partition 4 slices. No problem

drive 1 - 20 GB Maxtor - 1st 12GB is Windows NT. Wanted to use last 8 GB for additional FreeBSD space.

1st attempt. - 3 partitions -
partition 1 - /, /usr, swap
partition 2 - 2 slices
partition 3 - 2 slices

/stand/sysinstall would not use a name like ad1s3a and ad1s3e for the slices on partition number 3. it used a big X instead of unix part names for both slices in the third partition. When i rebooted it said filesystem could not make /dev/X and there were duplicate /dev/X in /etc/fstab. I tried to Make ALL but I didn't know what to put in fstab or which letters to assign.

2nd attempt - filesystem said slices were not in the partition. truncating, and some other messages. /stand/sysinstall still used X's for those partitions.

3rd attempt - filesystem would not create any partitions on the Maxtor 20 GB drive. It said they were too big or need to be relocated. Is this because NT is on the first 8 GB. Surely BSD can handle that? This attempt was with FreeBSD 3.3-Release.

I've officially dumped 4.x for now. I hope to take 3.3 to 3.5.1-Stable and get to use the rest of my HD.

Also, it says my filesystem is dirty. I ran fsck 3 times but it still says its dirty.

Any suggestions?


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 Re: HD problem, can't read partition
Author: orb451 
Date:   09-01-01 14:48

Hey Man, I had the same problem when I tried setting up a system like the one you described. I believe it has something to do with not being able to boot past the 1024th cylinder on the drive. If not, it's something you can work around by consolidating some of your other partitions. For instance I tried setting up mine with Winblows on the first partition slice, then my / on the next, my /usr, then /var and then swap... and couldn't get swap to take... it kept giving me the infamous "X" and wouldn't work... so after consolidating and putting /var and swap on the same partition I was set. I know you've described doing that above, so I say use the FIPS utility that comes with FreeBSD and try moving data around to free up some space to consolidate some more of your partitions.

any questions, shoot me an e-mail


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