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 Boot Manager Problem
Author: Erin 
Date:   23-12-00 18:46

I installed FreeBSD 4.0 from a CD on my new box a few days ago and everything seemed to work happily during the install, however, my boot manager doesn't seem to work correctly. It gives me the choices F1 - DOS, F2 - FreeBSD. Seems normal, except nothing happens when I press F2. It just beeps at me as if I'd pressed a key that's not allowed. I only seem to be allowed to press F1. This is frustrating!
What is the way to create a boot floppy that is not meant for the installation (kern.flp and mfsroot.flp take me directly into the install program and won't let me use what I already installed). Boot.flp seems a likely candidate, but Win98 tells me that the file is >2MB, which is far too large to fit on a floppy. (I am doing all of this from the CD because my 56k connection is far too slow for impatient people like me to wait for the download)

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 Re: Boot Manager Problem
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   26-12-00 19:07

Using fdimage.exe for DOS, you should be able to write all the boot.flp to the disk, even though it looks greater than 2 megs... I think it expands the disk to accomodate the data. Have you tried that yet?

As for the boot manager, I hate to say this, but you might have hosed your master boot record. I have tried installing it with a dual boot NT box, which I made it a stand-alone dedicated BSD box... At least BSD gives you a choice...instead of overwriting your MBR with something like LILO!!! =]

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 Re: Boot Manager Problem
Author: Erin 
Date:   27-12-00 00:27

I did try fdimage.exe, and it said that the file was too large. Well, I'll try it again, and hope it works. Thanks.

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 Re: Boot Manager Problem
Author: tendogz 
Date:   27-12-00 13:55

boot.flp is for 2.88MB drives
your bsd partition may start above the 8GB barrier
you may need to update boot0 (or the whole system to 4.2 wihic supports booting from partitions that start after 8GB (needs bios support))
or you may make s bootdisk (this is not trivial) to load kernel from floppy and mount root from disk

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 Re: Boot Manager Problem
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   29-12-00 00:53

boot.flp is not for a 1.44MB floppy.

<a href=""></a>

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 Re: Boot Manager Problem
Author: Erin 
Date:   15-01-01 01:46

Yes, I think that may be the problem; my Win98 partition is 10GB. *sigh* Well, I'm off to upgrade to 4.2. Thanks for your help.

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