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Author: Zapper 
Date:   26-12-00 04:21

I've searched high and low for some way for my boxes on my internal network to ident correctly with irc to no avail. Everytime my wife logs on to irc with her box, she still gets the tilde in front of her hostmask. Even on my other FreeBSD box I get the tilde. Is there an ident program that fixes this? Supposedly midentd does this for Linux but it doesn't work with FreeBSD. Any urls leading to info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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 Re: ident
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   26-12-00 19:16 search ported applications for ident.
(for the lazy bums out there)

Port description for security/ident2


This ident daemon runs as either a standalong daemon or as a child of inetd.
Replies of your choice can be generated through a .ident file in the users
home directory. A .noident will make it do an ident will not be conducted
if the file is found in the users home directory.

The server can also send random replies to all requests. This simplifies
the problem of using IRC through a NATD network.

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 Re: ident
Author: valtdreyas 
Date:   30-12-00 01:34

Edit your /etc/inetd.conf file, it should have a line that is commented out something like:

#auth stream tcp nowait root internal auth (some options)

uncomment this line... mine looks like this

auth stream tcp nowait root internal auth -g -t 30

the -g option returns a random string of characters instead of the username on the box. good for not giving out the user name on your box to script kiddies.

hope this helps some.


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