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 Webmin - the other white meat.
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   18-12-00 19:14

I am trying to keep this post from going into a commercial ad for this product, but I have to give it rave reviews.... Webmin ( is a web front end for SysAdmin's who like to simplify and learn a little more about their system configuration files. If you're a newbie to BSD, and you want a more concise look at how your system is configured (without installing X-Windows [blech!!!]) then I highly recommend you take a look.

I personally use it on one of our Internal BSD boxes, and I can't find the wonder bug to make me hate it yet... Granted, I don't have the BSD box open to the world (due to firewall restrictions) which means cracking the password scheme is not too much of an issue for me at this time, but for internal LAN purposes, this little app is pretty swank...

Has anyone else had the pleasure of using this application? I am curious to see if anyone has run into any conflicting issues with the modules...

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el_kab0ng 22-12-00 19:38 

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