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Author: Moe Elzubeir 
Date:   18-12-00 04:41

I wanted to add php4 support to my Apache server, so I typically went on to the /usr/ports/www/mod_php4/ then 'make install'.. and the compiler starts crunching.

Well, this never worked out and I got a whole lot of errors, so I decided to install the prepackaged binaries. On with /stand/sysinstall, Configure, Packages, and maneuver to mod_php4, and it's installed.

Well, everything works now, after adding it to the apache configurations files and all. However, when Apache starts, it complains about mod_php4 being susceptible to crashes, asking me to compile with -DEAPI. It works, and never gave me trouble, but I can't keep using something that is clearly telling me that it will crash! I can't compile because.. (circular)

Any suggestions?

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 mod_php4   new
Moe Elzubeir 18-12-00 04:41 
 Re: mod_php4   new
Dan Langille 18-12-00 05:37 
 Re: mod_php4   new
Mike Raymer 29-12-00 02:54 

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