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 Samba... weird issues...
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   12-12-00 18:56 always this site has been the best resource for troubleshooting my problems with Samba...and it appears as though they are 99% fixed.

First a little background:
1. I read through the related information throughout the diary...
2. I ran all the diagnostic tools via Samba's page.

So far, nmb and smb both run fine on my box. I can connect via the local box to my open share, as well as net view them in WinNT. But when I try to "net use * \\SERVER\share" I get a network path not found issue.

Why can I net view the shares, if I can't net use them? The host is there...because I can ping/trace the box via NetBIOS name....yet can't mount to it... Any suggestions?

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