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 Can't get natd to work with ppp
Author: Tirone 
Date:   12-12-00 13:47

This is my problem:

I've read man natd, FreeBSD handbook's, FreeBSD tutorials, every possible thing about setting up natd.

I compiled a new kernel and made all the changes the tutorials told to do. The fact is that, from my win2k box i can start the ppp connection on my FreeBSD, and I can even get the DNS resolved (i.e. my win2k starts my internet connection and pings, for ex.,, through the FreeBSD box). But that's all it does. No packet transfer. Nothing. My win2k browser gets Connecting on status bar with the right ip numbers for the correct web servers, and finally i get a dns error message.

I started ppp with ppp -auto -nat demand and natd with natd -interface tun0 (Since I always get an error when i try to bind nat to cuaa0 where my external ISDN is.) What should I do ?


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