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 mounting ISO image
Author: Doug Young 
Date:   08-12-00 00:38

I've been having problems with the shocking PSTN system (ADSL is still largely experimental here) in OZ that means a download of FreeBSD ISO images takes over a week & even then they are often corrupted, so I'd like to be able to mount the image to see if its OK before wasting any more CD blanks.

I followed the instructions given on this site, put the image file in /var/ftp/incoming, cd'd to that directory & confirmed that the ISO file was there ....... but apparently there's more to it than is suggested. The name of the ISO image here is "4.2-install.iso" so following instructions given I entered

"vnconfig /dev/vn0c ./4.2-install.iso" , then

"mount -t cd9660 /dev/vn0c /cdrom"

and got

"mount: /cdrom: No such file or directory"

Well of course ..... the machine doesn't have a CD drive, but even if it did there certainly wouldn't be a CD in the thing anyway.

So what gives ........ obviously the last line is incorrect but I can't figure what should be used

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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 Re: mounting ISO image
Author: Don Brearley 
Date:   08-12-00 03:48


Uhh.. check to make sure /cdrom exists.
if not, create it.

- Don Brearley

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 Re: mounting ISO image
Author: Wolfieee 
Date:   09-12-00 20:10

you don't have a /cdrom directory
to mount he cd on to.

mkdir /cdrom

before executing the mount command.

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