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 ipfw and natd
Author: Eric Allman 
Date:   04-12-00 05:44

Anyone here know how to get ICQ file transfer's to work through an IPFW+NATD firewall?

Also, anyone know how to get ident to work on the inside of a LAN?

eg: I want mIRC to be able to use ident when connecting to IRC servers.

Thank you. Eric.

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 RE: ipfw and natd
Author: tendogz 
Date:   04-12-00 13:38

dunno about icq but i have a shell script that generates random numbers as ident
it works behind nat but you never have the same ident;

ident=`/bin/date +%S`
xxx=`/usr/bin/head -c 12`
echo $xxx : USERID:UNIX:$ident

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 RE: ipfw and natd
Author: Eric Allman 
Date:   04-12-00 15:50

hmnmm.. thats kinda what im looking for, was hoping to be able to use
static ident's.


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 RE: ipfw and natd
Author: DarkElf 
Date:   04-12-00 20:14

I think if you use your internal ident service (quite neat), it works with "natd -s -q -i interface0" you gotta allow "ipfw add allow ip from any to in setup" "ipfw add allow ip any to any out" and the 2 ipfw add divert for natd.

read the mans... they explain

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 Re: ipfw and natd
Author: Stuart Larson 
Date:   25-01-01 19:48

Assuming that you're using the standard Windows client:

Go into Preferences for ICQ> Connections> General>

Click "Always use external IP" (I'm not sure if this one is necessary)

Click on Server, go to Proxy Settings, and say you're using a firewall. If you aren't using a proxy (I'm not and it works) click on "not using proxy"

Click on Firewall, go to "External Proxy IP:" (not sure this one is necessary either) and put in the external IP address of your natd/ipfw box.

Hopefully that will give you an idea of where to go. I have pretty lax firewall settings on my BSD box (OPEN setting), so that may factor in as well.

Good luck,


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