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 BSD boot
Author: HUB 
Date:   17-11-00 11:10

1: I was raised on DOS
2: Free BSD was new to me
3: The set i set down in front of
4: would come on program thru
5: to a LOGON: prompt
6: I was stuck there not knowing what 2do
7: i tried to reboot of my DOS floppie
8: but once in DOS the HARD DRIVE C?
9: was not accessable? What should i try
10: Does a BSD boot floppie exist? can I make 1?

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 RE: BSD boot
Author: Dan Langille 
Date:   17-11-00 13:46

try reading this:

<a href=""></a>

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 RE: BSD boot
Author: Gusher Palmber 
Date:   17-11-00 18:48

1. put down the bottle
2. sober up.

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 RE: BSD boot
Author: DarkElf 
Date:   20-11-00 15:35

1. If letters are moving/flying move to step 2. otherwise move to step 4.
2. Stop trippin balls while installing an OS on your machine
3. NO acid is not recommended to be on while thinking...
4. Go read the handbook at

Users should die, servers shall live (BOFH)
Jean-Francois Laforest

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 RE: BSD boot
Author: Vlad 
Date:   28-11-00 15:56

Are you sure you didn't overwrite your DOS partition?
As explained in the README file of all FreeBSD CD-ROMs :
you have to build 2 floppies : the kernel-floppy and the MFS floppy.
If you use DOS for this as it seems to be, there is an utility called RAWRITE in the FreeBSD CDROM :
So (you have to find rawrite.exe before, perhaps in e:dos or e:utilities):
rawrite.exe e:floppieskern.flp a: will the kernel boot floppy
rawrite.exe e:floppiesmfs.flp will do the same for the MFS one.
e: is the CDROM drive e:floppies is where kern.flp and mfs.flp are.

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 RE: BSD boot2
Author: HUB 
Date:   29-11-00 18:55

1: ok getting back to here was not easy 4me
2: still have not made a boot disk day2?
3: this page now old news
4? trying to link out?/?
<a href=''> ID</a>

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 RE: BSD boo
Author: HUB 
Date:   30-11-00 18:27

YEAH? thanks for the HELP
still learning my way in THIS phoorUM
I was able to download from this site
no trouble see for example
<a href=''> To?</a>
however when i try to Download the
a timer severs the line connection ? see ?
<a href=''> FLy?</a>
so SO far it's day = < 7's my guess
thaks again for ra

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 RE: BSD b2
Author: hub2 
Date:   30-11-00 20:22

test from rt

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 RE: BS0-12-03
Author: HUb' 
Date:   03-12-00 19:23

yeah, YEAH: it works agains ME
what can I say? not very much
I'll continue on in this thread
untill 9:26 A.M. 0-12-17
OR untill its OLD/OLD
which ever comes first
probably drop back to
which may translate to
2 more posts?
I dont `poise that there be a way
for me to delete all of this thread
in a single keystroke? oh well
December 3, 2000

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