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 RE: Newbie to fBSD needs help
Author: Dennis H. Leopold 
Date:   24-11-00 01:41

When I wrote my first message it was nearly 4am and I had been monkeying around with my machine for several hours by that time. I will go into more detail now. Rather than dual booting from a single drive I have two that I swap out by hand (I use an 'eagles nest'). I have windows on one drive and now freebsd on the second (three drives total). The drive that is permanantly mounted inside the computer is my old windows drive that I now use for backup and such. It has four partitions on it. The first is a ntfs partition, which used to be my w2k install (before I had a dedicated drive for windows2k), it has most of my home work and stuff on it now, the second third and fourth are all vfat partitions that I made when I used the drive with win98. I can mount my ntfs partition by issuing the following command 'mount -t ntfs /dev/ad1s1c /mnt' I discovered this through trial and error, using MAKEDEV to make the devices for the second drive (heh, I saw that my fBSD drive was ad0 so I figured ad1 would be the second drive). I thought it would be logical that I could mount my vfat partions by trying to mount them as ad1s1d or e or f, etc. then I tried ad1s2a then b then c, etc to no avail (I figured the vfat partitions would be the second 'slice' but honestly I have no idea what to do at this point, even after reading the docs in the previous post.
Thanks for the help. I'm not ready to give up on this yet.

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