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 Newbie to fBSD needs help
Author: Dennis H. Leopold 
Date:   23-11-00 11:58

Hello, thought I'd get out of the linux/windows rut and try something
new so I installed freebsd 4.2-rc2. So far I've recompiled my kernel
to get sound working, got x and kde up, and such. But, now I need
to get a second hard drive mounted. I couldn't afford screwing
it up so I disconected the drive from the ide cable during the install
(I have an unfounded fear of fdisk). I was able to figure out how
to mount my ntfs partition on the second drive this evening/morning
using mount -t ntfs /dev/ad1s1c /mnt, however I can not get my three
vfat partions to mount (using mount -t msdos and then followed by
the various ad1s1x to ad1s2x etc where x=a-h). In the last day
or so of using freebsd I must admit that I"m quite impressed, my
computer screems, it never seemed to be this fast under Mandrake
7.0-7.2. Thanks in advance for any help.
Dennis H. Leopold

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