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 Re: Postfix uninstall
Author: ddenia 
Date:   26-10-11 13:20

Sending and receiving mail using Postfix BSD
Installing postfix

To install the postfix mail server to do:

% Cd / usr/ports/mail/postfix23
% Make config

Screen configuration remain unchanged

Next, run a command installation process you will see 2 questions, answer them, "y".

% Make install
Added group «postfix».
Added group «maildrop».
Added user «postfix».
You need user «postfix» added to group «mail».
Would you like me to add it [y]? at.
Would you like to activate Postfix in / etc / mail / mailer.conf [n]? in

To start postfix at boot time, add a line in / etc / rc. Conf

postfix_enable = »YES»

Add the / etc / periodic.conf lines

daily_clean_hoststat_enable = »NO» daily_status_mail_rejects_enable = »NO»
daily_status_include_submit_mailq = »NO»
daily_submit_queuerun = »NO»

Setting up postfix
Postfix configuration file
/ Usr / local / etc / postfix / You will need to open it in the editor and change some values.

myorigin = $ mydomain
mynetworks =, / 8
mailbox_size_limit = 1024000000

Option myorigin specifies the date of the domain to accept mail (in this case for the domain. Belongs to himself mail server). This variable should be written the name of your host or domain to which mail should be taken. If the name matches the name of the machine, then you need to assign the variable $ myhostname. If your machine, then you will receive e-mail address

The next version if you specify myorigin = $ mydomain. then the mail will be accepted for a domain that contains this host. That is, if your machine then the mail will be accepted for the entire domain Alternatively, you can assign a variable value of myorigin just the domain. for which mail should be taken.
There are two scenarios for incoming messages when the recipient address coincides with what is written in postfix myorigin as and when it is different.
When it matches, then it is considered that the message was delivered to the address correctly, postfix accepts it and tries to keep the user's mailbox.
Where it is different (not intended for this server) checks the IP address of the sender. If this letter from a trusted network, then postfix accepts it for delivery and tries to send the server specified as the recipient.
If this address is not trusted, then a letter is rejected, that through this server could not possibly spill spam.
For this test, and is responsible option mynetworks. Mynetworks option shows what networks to act as a relay and trust them when sending e-mail (add back only the local network).
In mynetworks you need to write a list of your trusted network, separate with commas. If you send mail from this computer, you can leave only / 8.
The default size of the mailbox in postfix is limited to 10 megabytes. Very often this is not enough, so the size of the box is increased. Mailbox_size_limit option specifies the mailbox size in bytes for a single user.

Manual control of postfix

several commands to stop and start postfix postfix start - starts mail system postfix manually postfix stop - stops mail system postfix postfix reload - specifies postfix on what you need to reread the configuration.

Check config postfix

Check that you have a mail server is not running as an open relay and not let spam on our website

Checking mail RORZ

Cucipop - a small, safe and convenient POP3 daemon. It can be installed from the port / usr / ports / mail / cucipop.

% Cd / usr / ports / mail / cucipop /
% Make install

In order that he could serve clients just need to configure inetd.
inetd - Auto inetd at boot file in / etc / rc.conf to finish

inetd_enable = "YES"

You need to edit the configuration file / etc / inetd.conf. To activate the POP3 daemon cucipop add at the end of the file should be structured ¬ ky:

rorZ stream tcp nowait root / usr / local / libexec / cucipop cucipop-Ya

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