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 RE: promiscuous mode... help
Author: Daniel Schrock 
Date:   22-11-00 17:38

It is your trafshow. I use it quite a bit. I would worry about it too much if you are the only user on the box, but i would keep an eye on it. Just to make sure your card isn't in promiscuous mode without you putting it in that mode.

Last months issue of SysAdmin had some nice security scripts that run as a cronjob. One of the scripts checks the network interfaces for promiscuous mode and emails you if it finds a problem. They are originally for Sun and Linux but after few path changes and tweaks, they work great in FreeBSD. I set some scripts to run every hour, the rest to run once a day, and then email my cell phone as soon as it finds a problem. Very nice.
or just go to

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