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 does freebsd support dual core processors?
Author: matthew72 
Date:   24-01-08 21:13

does freebsd support dual core processors? i've read of some performance losses, what are they?

FreeBSD will take advantage of HyperThreading (HTT) support on Intel CPUs that support this feature. A kernel with the options SMP feature enabled will automatically detect the additional logical processors. The default FreeBSD scheduler treats the logical processors the same as additional physical processors; in other words, no attempt is made to optimize scheduling decisions given the shared resources between logical processors within the same CPU. Because this naive scheduling can result in suboptimal performance, under certain circumstances it may be useful to disable the logical processors with the the machdep.hlt_logical_cpus sysctl variable. It is also possible to halt any CPU in the idle loop with the machdep.hlt_cpus sysctl variable. The smp(4) manual page has more details.

FreeBSD supports hyperthreading on Intel CPU's on the i386 platform.

Since using logical CPUs can cause performance penalties under certain
loads, the logical CPUs can be disabled by setting the
machdep.hlt_logical_cpus sysctl to one.

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 Re: does freebsd support dual core processors?
Author: matthew72 
Date:   14-08-08 22:00

any help?

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 Re: does freebsd support dual core processors?
Author: netman4ttm 
Date:   22-01-09 15:04

You want the AMD64 version. Supports AMD and Intel. I think the tail is wagging the dog on this one.

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