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 rsync with password
Author: Jean Dacos 
Date:   11-10-07 08:29

I use this command in a script:
rsync -avz --delete /fullpath_of_directory_to_backup/ username@ip::fullpath_of_destination_directory --password-file /fullpath_to_passwordfile.
I get socket error code 10 at clientserver!
Passwordfile consists only of one line strictly with the manual password and with permission 640.
If i try a command line without giving the password and with one : between username and fullpath_of_destination_directory the system asks me the password and it works well.
To use the password file i must put two :: instead of one.
what's the problem?
If i use RSYNC_PASSWORD where must i put it?
Thanks to answer me
Best regards

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 Re: rsync with password
Author: olyander 
Date:   08-09-08 19:59

that doesnt make sense at first glance.... looks like syntax, i could be wrong.. ill have to test that out..

rsync -avz --delete /fullpath_of_directory_to_backup/ username@ip::fullpath_of_destination_directory --password-file /fullpath_to_passwordfile.

with this command, i would put a slash here: @ip:/fullpath_of_dest_dir,,, and not use ::

for example: when I use scp and passwrdless access, i know you need to use the form to a non home directory manual full path destination such as:


that just caught my eye, maybe thats causing the error? no slash?

Im going to be using rsync myself soon, as I currently use scp, and would like to automate my moving, copying, or backup of files over the net.

in the next day or so, let me see what i can find out...

till then, OlyAnder

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