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 Can Ping IPs but not Names
Author: OldMan 
Date:   16-08-07 18:57

I have recently built a BSD Gateway to connect my LAN to my ISPs PPPoE connection. The hardware is as follows

Nic #1: 10 Based NIC for PPPoE Connection
Nic #2: Realtek 8139 (Wired)
Nic #3: DLink WDA-1320 (Wireless)

I have subnetted the network as follows -

Subnet 0:
Not Used

Subnet 1:
Wired Lan:
Line Address:
Nic IP Address:
Subnet Mask
Broadcast Address for subnet:

DHCP: Range 100 120
DNS Servers: (Windows 2003 Server running DNS)
ISP DNS Servers

Subnet 2:
Wireless Lan:
Line Address:
Nic IP Address:
Subnet Mask
Broadcast Address for subnet:

DHCP: Range 140 160
DNS Servers: (Windows 2003 Server running DNS)
ISP DNS Servers

Subnet 3:
Not Used

I also have a Windows 2003 Server with the following IP configuration connected to Subnet 1 (the wired LAN)

IP address of
Subnet Mask

I am able to connect to and ping IP address and names on the Internet from either Subnet. I can ping IP address between the Subnets. I can also ping name on the same subnet. The problem is I cannot ping names between the two subnets.

Any advice?

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 Re: Can Ping IPs but not Names
Author: Dan 
Date:   16-08-07 19:09

When ping by name does not work, it is a DNS problem. Most likely.

Ignore ping for now. Concentrate on DNS.

Verify that /etc/resolv.conf contains the appopriate values.

Then use the host command to resolve hostnames. For example:

[dan@ngaio:~] $ host ngaio has address
[dan@ngaio:~] $

NOTE: this is the 10,000th post. :)


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 Pinging Issues
Date:   24-09-07 11:28

I now have no issues pinging names OR ip address from the wirless to the wired network. There is still a problem though.

I cannot ping either the name OR ip address of the wireless clients from the wireded network. I also cannot ping from one wireless client to the next (IP or Name). Both Wireded and Wireless networks have internet access so DHCP is assigning the proper addresses.

I did completly disable the firewall to make sure that was not an issue.


The internal DNS server is a Windows 2k3 server running AD and DHCP and resides on the same subnet as the wired clients. DHCP relay is set on the BSD router and the wireless clients are receiving IP addresses from the Windows server. I did have the BSD box set for DHCP but moved DHCP to Windows to see if that would resolve the issue. It did not.

It seems as though traffic is allowed through the wiresless nic IF the wireless nic initiates the conversation but it does not work the other way around. I did completely disable my firewall to make sure it was not a firewall issue.

I am using 802.11i for Wireless security.

QUICK UPDATE: Used Wireshark on the wireless to monitior ICMP... Echo Requests are being made but there are no echo replies

Post Edited (24-09-07 16:44)

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