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 Re: Rewriting https to http
Author: niewczyk 
Date:   30-07-07 13:18


Thanks for your reply. I do indeed appreciate your time and suggestions. I tried the "Redirect permanent" statement you suggested. However, server complained that"

"Starting httpd: Syntax error on line 31 of /etc/httpd/conf.d/httpd.conf:
URL to redirect to is missing

So then I added the "/" then "/index" for the directory to look for.

Redirect permanent /
Redirect permanent /index

The results were that index page never loaded.

Also, according to the initial artice I read on
wouldn't the Redirect permanent be a major peformance hit?

The website I work on is a heavy traffic site.

Redirects vs rewrites
When should you use a redirect? When should you use a rewrite? If the file is on the same website, you should use a rewrite. If the file is on another server, you should use a redirect. Why? A simple answer is bandwidth. A redirect sends the new URL back to the client and the client must reissue the URL request, which creates more traffic. With a rewrite, the original request is satisfied and a new URL is returned along with the new file. The client does not have to reissue anything.

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