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 plz help me
Author: green 
Date:   16-11-00 20:42

i'll try to explain my problem (sorry, my english is bad)

my ISP give me this subnetwork: netmask ( )

then my freebsd box is connecting to ISP, the IP of freebsd box is

my ISP sayd, what he run this command on his machine:

route add -net netmask
or something like that...

i assign to my windows box, what has direct UTP connection to freebsd BOX with

the proble is: can't be ping from my freebsd box, and can't ping from my ISP

rhat is my problem ?
i must add to my routing table some new records ? or the proble are in my ISP ?

plz answer me..

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 RE: plz help me
Author: el_kab0ng 
Date:   16-11-00 21:49

I take it by your post that you are using your BSD box as a gateway? What type of connection are you using? (Does it involve a router?)

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 RE: plz help me
Author: green 
Date:   17-11-00 01:30

on freebsd box in rc.conf i have gateway_enable set to yes
i'am using leased line connection(LL 33.6)

but it can help me ?

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 RE: plz help me
Author: Don Brearley 
Date:   17-11-00 06:26

you say a direct UTP connection?
is your cable a crossover?

- Don

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 RE: plz he
Author: HUB 
Date:   17-11-00 11:03

sure? i'll try 2
2: November 17, 2000 1:02 A.M.
anyway i can be of little help
my problem with FREE BSD seams
I cannot even log on. Oh well
hope you can get this.
<telnet://> file transfers web page messAg guest
I need to update that as some of it will
no longer work. Sorry

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